About Darwin

The Larrakia , or saltwater people, are the traditional owners of the Darwin region. The Larrakia people have a deep, spiritual connection to the land and are responsible for ensuring it is respected by all that use it. The Larrakia people are prominent and active members of the community, many still adhere closely to their traditional beliefs and customs. Delegates can learn about the Dreamtime stories behind the region’s epic landscape and abundant wildlife from the land’s traditional owners. Discover the dreaming of the frog from the Larrakia people in Darwin, explore the ancient culture of nearby national parks, and hear creation stories. Aboriginal Australians have managed their traditional lands and seas for over 65 000 years. Knowledge of the traditional management of land presents delegates with the opportunity to learn about this ancient culture. About one third of the Northern Territory’s population is Aboriginal and with more than half of the Northern Territory’s land mass and 85% of the coastline owned by Aboriginal people, Darwin is uniquely positioned to provide delegates with exceptional cultural tourism experiences.