Conference Program

We are excited to release the WCDC 2023 Program.

Complementing the main WCDC 2023 Conference program there are optional opportunities to connect and share including a Gala Dinner at Wharf One and post conference Practice Exchanges.

Conference Program

The following conference program is subject to change.

Monday 19th June – Welcome Reception
6.00pm – 8.00pmInternational Welcome Reception
Welcome to Country with Aunty Bilawara Lee; Saltwater Ceremony with Uncle Tony Lee and Garramilla gulwa performer’s.
Registration desk open
Tuesday 20th June Day 1 Theme – Culture
8.00am Registration desk opens
9.00amWelcome to Country with Aunty Bilawara Lee, Larrakia Nation
Message from Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury, and Federal Member for Fenner in the ACT
Official Opening with IACD Chair Anna Clarke & Vice Chair Michelle Dunscombe
9.30am Opening Plenary: Culture

Ani Pahuru-Huriwai, Tumuaki/Executive Director,
Tairawhiti REAP, Aotearoa
“Ae Neni, he tipuna pai koe.” “Yes, Grandmother, you were a good ancestor.” The struggle against-all-odds to leave the planet a better place than we found it.

Karri-Lynn Paul, Nutokehkikemit, Program Teaching Staff Circle of Abundance – Indigenous Programs,
Coady Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
Building on Abundance in Indigenous Communities.

Samuel Bush-Blanasi, Chair,
Northern Land Council, Australia.
Community-led development in the Top End.
11.00am – 11.30amMorning Tea
 Concurrent Presentations
    11.30amWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
Use Festivals to grow, skill & find community together.
Sheena Lindholm,
Push Pull Marketing, Australia
Aboriginal-led Community Projects: supporting self-determination in practice
Joy Cardona, Malak-Malak traditional Aboriginal owner & Sarah Rennie,
Northern Land Council, Australia
Moving from sharing baked goods to building peer-to-peer participation: the growth of the Neighbours Aotearoa movement Harriet Paul, Cissy Rock & Vanessa Cole.
Community Think, Aotearoa, New Zealand
11.45amLiving Arts – More than paintbrushes & drumsticks Phi Theodoros, Avril Hale, Natasha Sumner & Mark Timberlake,
Life Without Barriers, Australia
Jane Ellery,
e2praxix, USA 
 Whose Edge? Recentring ‘others’
Emily McConochie. University of Queensland, Australia
12.00pmQ & AQ & AQ & A
12.15pmLiving Arts – Links for Life (Workshop)
Phi Theodoros, Avril Hale, Natasha Sumner & Mark Timberlake,
Life Without Barriers, Australia
Homelands development in remote Australia: More than just infrastructure
Djarrany-Djarrany traditional Aboriginal owners
Northern Land Council, Australia
Exploring the bonding & bridging social capital through the intersectionality lens Suet-lin Hung, Kwok-kin Fung & Lang-jie He,
Hong Kong Baptist University
12.30pmThe Hapū-led Business Model
Naumai Taurua, New Zealand
Sex role egalitarian attitude & community social capital in a low-income community
Suet-lin Hung, Kwok-kin Fung & Lang-jie He, 
Hong Kong Baptist University
12.45pmQ & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    11.30am – 12.30pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Creating a Platform for Indigenous Rights & Sovereignty: An active workshop to explore relationships between sovereign & indigenous nations & their external
Holly Scheib & Shawn Duran, MS, COO of Taos Pueblo, USA
What does accountable allyship look like in your community?
Jaki Adams, Fred Hollows Foundation, Australia
 & Sarah Morris, Aotearoa
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
12.00pm – 1.00pmTribes Lead!: Indigenous Ways of Knowing at the Edge of Tribal Leadership Development Annie Jones & Jennifer Gauthier,
University of Wisconsin – Extension, USA
Yitakimaninjaku, warrirninjaku manu pina-jarrinjaku ‘Tracking & Learning’: breaking the traditional model of monitoring & evaluation on Warlpiri country
Marlkirdi Rose Napaljarri, Glenda Wayne Napaljarri, Belinda Wayne Napaljarri, Natalie Morton Napurrurla & Alex Gyles Jampijinpa
Warlpiri Education and Training Trust, Australia
Embodied Futures
Dr Deanna Borland-Sentinella & Jacinta de Sousa Pereira, Timor-Leste
Embodied Futures
Dr Deanna Borland-Sentinella & Jacinta de Sousa Pereira, Timor-Leste
1.00pm – 2.00pmLunch
 Concurrent Presentations
 Waterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
2.00pm A Non-intrusive Approach to Documenting First Nation Cultural Heritage Landscapes
Dr Peter Ellery, E2praxis, USA & Heather Threadgold, PhD & Melinda Kennedy, Murri Yul  , Australia
‘Strengthening Neighbourly Connections Project – intentional doorstep engagement to facilitate sustainable relationships & community participation’ Sandiellen Black & Paula Callaghan.
Benarrawa Community Development Association, Australia.
Community Development Resources – Mia Mia
Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Dawn Bessarab & Juli Coffin, Australia.
2.15pm Staying with tribal & caring by culture design: the implement of aging care services at Tribal Culture Health Station in Taiwan
Chi-Wei Cheng & Leang-yang Lai.  
Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
Anchoring Community Development Practice on Culture: Perspectives from Africa
Daniel Muia,
Kenyatta University, Kenya
2.30pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
2.45pm “We are far from things!”: Occupational engagement among rural youth in South Africa
Wilson Majee.
University of Missouri, USA
Ŋurruyirr’yundhu Yolŋuwal gakalyu ŋurruŋuny – Start with the Yolŋu way first: Insights from 50 years of Community Development work.
Gawura Wanambi & Jamie Mapleson. ARDS Aboriginal corporation, Australia
Exploring ways Community, Culture & Connection can contribute to expanded Socio-Ecological Community Development.
Anne Jennings, Australia
3.00pm Communities in disasters
Margot Rawsthorne – Presenter,
Co-Authors: Amanda Howard & Pam Joseph,
University of Sydney, Australia
Community Development in Social Housing
Jamie Hutchinson,
Community Housing Ltd
Children’s Ground: Backing Aboriginal people to lead the way Felicity Hayes, Veronica Turne,  Pauline Grant & Jen Lorains,
Children’s Ground, Australia.
3.15pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    2.00pm – 3.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Community-led responses to outside threats: keeping community strong in the face of adversity Northern Land Council
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
2.30pm – 3.30pmGeolingo: Community Development through Placemaking
Denise Bijoux, Tauma Lobacheva & Robin Wachsberger.
Catalyse, New Zealand
Landscapes of Economic Difference: Decolonising economic participation in regional Lutruwita.
Grace Mairéad Walsh & Susan Mansell, Australia
2.30pm – 3.30pmIn the Hall – Yarning Circle
Guŋga’yunga Djamarrkuliny,
The East Arnhem Land Youth Model Team
Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, Australia
3.00pm – 3.30pmIn the Auditorium – Film Screening Solidarity chicken plan: a productive aging perspective – Yinghao Huang, Taiwan
3.30pm – 4.00pmAfternoon Tea
 Concurrent Presentations
    4.00pmWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
Yapa kuja kalu wangkami pirrijirdi jintangka ‘Warlpiri speaking up strongly together’: The story of the Warlpiri Education & Training Trust (WETT)
Sharon Nampijinpa & Verona Jurrah Nungarrayi
Local Service Model of Atayal Domestic Violence in Taiwan: Indigeneity & Culture Yinghao Huang, TaiwanAustralian Community Workers Association members general meeting
4.15pmTafesilafa’i a culturally centred Community of Care
Kerry Allan,
Sport Waitakere, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Using participatory community development & phenomenological reflective practice within a paediatric children’s hospice in Queensland, Australia
Peter Westoby, Australia
4.30pmAdult numeracy learner in Timor-Leste
Marion Smith, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Lihlombe Lekukhalela – All Communities Need Shoulders to Cry On: The Feminisation of Volunteer Work in Eswatini (Swaziland)
Lucius Botes – Presnter Co-author – Saul Chirume, South Africa
4.45pmQ & AQ & A 
 Concurrent Workshops
    4.00pm – 5.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Holding the Self-Determined Space; Our Voices, Our Mob
Tania Liddle & Leonie Wetherall, Community First Development, Australia
Dreaming the Future, Connecting the Past; self-determined community development in action
Doyen Radcliffe, Thomas Cameron, Wattandee Community & Tristan Mongoo,
Community First Development. Australia
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
4.00pm – 5.00pmYour Story – Our Story: Using Collective Narrative Practice & The Arts for Creative CD
Presenter – Tina Lathouras Co-researcher – Zalia Powell, Australia
In Conversation With Heather & Steph: People, Place & Purpose – Exploring Social Value In Rural Communities
Heather Ellis & Stephanie Whitaker, Australia
  5.00pm Closing Plenary in the Auditorium   Clare MacGillivray, Director of Making Rights Real, Scotland
Fearless in the defence of rights: What do human rights defenders need to flourish?
5.20pm – 5.30pmClose & Village News
Wednesday 21st Day 2 Theme – Culture
7.45amGlobal CD Educators Forum – Decolonising Community Development / Work Education in Meeting Room 1
9.00amWelcome to Day 2 with Australian Community Workers Association President Nick Toonen OAM, and Chief Executive Officer, Jesu Jacob.
9.30am Plenary: Connection

Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i, Edmund Hillary Fellow, Flying Geese Pro CEO, Aotearoa
How Indigenous peoples can create frameworks drawing from their culture & the importance of lived experiences in creating these frameworks.

Stephanie Harvey – CEO, Community First Development, Australia
‘Shifting power: de-colonising community development’

Bill Armstrong AO, Community Development Practitioner, Australia.
“Everything & Nothing”
11.00am – 11.30amMorning Tea
 Concurrent Presentations
    11.30amWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
Supporting Native American Data Sovereignty: The Role of the Partner
Holly Scheib & Shawn Duran, MS, COO of Taos Pueblo, USA.
Unlocking Your Inner Social Sector Hero
Adam Luecking,
Clear Impact, USA
Needs ranking: A qualitative study using a participatory approach.
Wilson Majee,
University of Missouri, USA
11.45amService, Education, or social practice? Reflecting & rethinking the cooperation between University & communities through the University Social Responsibility Project in Taiwan.
Chi-Wei Cheng & Leang-yang Lai. Taiwan
Ensuring Strong Voice from the Edge – A critique of participatory methods
Chris Dureau, Australia
Grassroots human rights monitoring as a tool for community development
Clare MacGillivray, Making Rights Real, Scotland
12.00pmQ & AQ & AQ & A
12.15pm‘Modelling how we want communities to be’: How collaborative work practices between multiple agencies were enabled after disaster
Lou Mitchell (PhD Candidate) & Associate Professor Michelle Villenueve, Australia.
‘Can community development have more edge by connecting it more deliberately to sustainable development?’
Jaya Manchikanti, Australia
Participatory Action Research: A case of the “Working from the Ground Up” model in Hong Kong.
Yu-cheung Chan, Kwok-kin Fung & Suet-lin Hung,
Hong Kong Baptist University
12.30pmBuilding friendships to support women’s empowerment.
Chris Dureau, Australia
The edge of one’s tolerance: a story of how an emerging practitioner took a leap of faith into place-based community development.
Brittany Szlezak. Australia
Evaluating Connections through Storytelling: Community, Culture, & Food Access
Ramona Madhosingh-Hector – Presenter Nicole Breazeale & Mandy Baily – Contributors. USA.
12.45pm Q & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    11.30am – 12.30pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Activating action
Helen Martin & Janette Devlin.
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Networking session for First Nations Presenters, Delegates & Guests
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
12.00pm – 1.00pmGood Governance Program – Achieving stronger/better together through participatory evaluation Karina Menkhorst, Central Land Council & GMAAAC Directors Derek Williams, Joyce Herbert, Robyn Lawson &  David McCormack & Kurra AC Directors  Valerie Martin & Peggy GranitesCreating Connections: community responses to collective trauma Catherine Gordon, KCA Training, United Kingdom
  11.30am – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 1.00pm
In the Auditorium – Film Screening & Workshop   Coming to Lithgow
Monica Schlesinger, Sugandha Patel & a Student representative. Australia

Yarning Circle in the Hall
How programs build community justice: Supporting First Nations families with a parent in prison
Krystal Lockwood, Aunty Barbie Cohen & Aunty Karen Rhodes
1.00pm – 2.00pmLunch
 Concurrent Presentations
 Waterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
2.00pm Impactful CSR initiatives & Community Development: The role of ENL Group as a catalyst in the transformational process of communities in Mauritius.
Louis Desire Mario Radegonde & Joëlle Rabot-Honoré
A Look Through the Crystal Ball: Insights into Community Engagement
Cheryl Burhart-Kriesel, USA.
Beyond Charity: Rethinking Refugee Settlement & Community Development
Om Dhungel, Australia
2.15pm Project Thrive: 3219 & beyond Rebecca Taylor & Jasmine Hall, AustraliaActive Whakapapa
Kerry Allan,
Sport Waitakere, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Brave New Places – Selwyn NZ
Clare Quirke, Aotearoa, New Zealand.
2.30pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
2.45pm Shifting the paradigm: working collaboratively across community to end CSE
Conrad Townson. Australia.
Peacebuilding, Conflict & Community Development
Dr Sinead Gormally. University of Glasgow, Scotland
3.00pm Digital Divides, Mobile Phones & Older Adults – Lessons for Practitioners
Kwok-kin Fung, Suet-lin Hung, Daniel Wing-leung  & Kyle Lang-jie,
Hong Kong Baptist University
Activate +
Helen Martin, Janette Devlin & Dr Sinead Gormally.
University of Glasgow, Scotland.
Deadly ABCD
Jodi Sampson, Michelle Dunscombe & Dee Brooks,
Jeder Institute, Australia
3.15pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    2.00pm – 3.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Failures as learnings for long-term success Northern Land Council community development representatives & Central Land CouncilCrafting Community Development in everyday practice.
Helen Betts, Susan Allan & Heather Ellis, Australia
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
2.30pm – 3.30pmSolidarity with First Nations Peoples in the Southwest of Brisbane
Paula Callaghan – Presenter Laraine Hinds, Ravina Dean, Helen Wilson. Australia
Discovering & Deepening Our Practice for Social Change Through Popular Education
Tina Lathouras & Peter Westoby, Australia.
2.00pm – 3.30pmIn the Hall – Human Library Presenters & Delegates have the opportunity to sign up for or borrow someone from the Human Library: Humans to Borrow: Chris Mundy, Australia. Dr Deanna Borland-Sentinella, Australia.
  2.00pm – 3.00pmIn the Auditorium – Film Screening & Yarn Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) – Celebrating Our Story
Rebecca Humphries (CLC Senior Community Development Officer) Robyn Lawson, David McCormack, Joyce Herbert, Derek Williams & Cyril Tasman (GMAAAC Directors)
3.30pm – 4.00pmAfternoon Tea
 Concurrent Presentations & Workshops
    4.00pmWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
Activating Rural Communities to Attract & Retain Newcomers: Marketing Hometown America Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel & Marilyn Schlake. USA.Foundations Of Queer Regeneration (Workshop)
Guy Ritani & Toad Dell
But why? University of Glasgow Community Development (Workshop)
Dr Sinead Gormally, Helen Martin, Janette Devlin, Ruth Pearce, University of Glasgow, Scotland.
4.15pmGoing the distance: making mental health supports work better in regional communities
Lisette Kaleveld & Emma Crane.
University of Western Australia
4.30pmAddressing complex vulnerability through a holistic relational support model: Findings from a place-based project in Western Australia
Emma Crane.
University of Western Australia
4.45pmQ & A  
 Concurrent Workshops
    4.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Asset-based Advocacy
Kate Munro, Youth Action, Australia
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
 What can Local Government do for Community Development?
Rob Gregory. UK.
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: applying asset-based/strength-based innovation for radical inclusion & wholeness
Zizi Charida,
Community Minds, Australia.
 In the Auditorium –   Aperture-shinning a light on CSE Conrad Townson, Australia
    5.00pm Closing Plenary in the Auditorium   Anastasia Critchley & Tony Ssembatya, IACD Community Work & Community Development issues & interventions, possibilities & pitfalls  
5.20pm – 5.30pmClose & Village News
  7.00pm Gala Dinner (optional extra) Wharf One
Thursday 22nd  Day 3 Theme – Community
9.00amWelcome to Day 3 with Dee Brooks from Jeder Institute and Denise Bijoux from Catalyse Book Launch – “Bhutan to Blacktown: Finding Happiness Down Under” – Om Dhungel
9.30am Plenary: Community

Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Dawn Bessarab & Juli Coffin, Mia Mia Community Development Preferencing an Aboriginal lens for an authentic journey toward community development

Honorable Governor Gary J. Lujan, & Shawn Duran, Taos Pueblo Government, USA
“For Blue Lake and Beyond: Taos Pueblo’s multi-generational community efforts in sovereignty and nation building.”  

Conservation from the Lounge hosted by Dee Brooks featuring Sue Kenny (Victoria), Jim Ife (Western Australia), Anthony Kelly (Queensland) & Peter Westoby (Queensland), Australia
“The Future of Community Development”
11.00am – 11.30amMorning Tea
 Concurrent Presentations
    11.30amWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
Developing Communities – Urban Planning in a Remote Context as a Tool for Sustainable Change Rebecca Humphries &  Carl O’Sullivan, Central Land Council with GMAAAC Directors,  Robyn Lawson David Mc Cormack, Joyce Herbert, Derek Williams & Cyril Tasman Thriving communities: Building bridges through the sharing of knowledge & experiences among communities in Mauritius
Joëlle Rabot-Honoré & Mario Radegonde. Mauritius.
“We are fighting for those ones who are behind”: Uplifting the resilient voices of U.S.- resettled refugee women
Caitlin Bletscher & Sara Spiers, USA
11.45amPreventing Potential Farm Fatalities by Introducing Artificial Nest Box for Sulawesi Masked Owl in Banggai District, Central Sulawesi
Abdil Halimis Stani & Cut Desy Ariani. Indonesia.
12.00pmQ & AQ & AQ & A
12.15pmParticipatory Advocacy for Structural Change – Neighbourhood Centres Queensland
Chris Mundy. Australia.
Community building at the intersection of culture & community: An asset-based community development approach to health & wellness Hunter Goodman, Ph.D. USAAddressing Environmental Justice & Equity for Clean Water Access Across Communities
Sreedhar Upendram. USA.
12.30pmDaring to lead, together
Kylie Lee,
Gladstone Regional Council, Australia.
Locally-led projects as vehicles for self-determination
Galiwin’ku traditional Aboriginal owner representatives
Leaping Towards Sustainable & Equitable Communities
Ramona Madhosingh-Hector. USA.
12.45pm Q & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    11.30am – 12.30pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Children’s Ground: Nothing about us without us Felicity Hayes: Traditional Owner Alice Springs, Co-Director & Senior Cultural Educator at Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe; Veronica Turner: Co-Director & Senior Cultural Educator at Ampe-kenhe Ahelhe; Pauline Grant: First Nations Community Leader & Educator; Jen Lorains: Director Research & Evaluation, Children’s Ground, AustraliaClimate Extremes – Who is looking after you? You are! (Oral Presentation) Mary Farrow, Emerald Community House, Australia  
Planning for Disaster with Gender in Mind (Workshop)
Melesa Osborne, Rachael Mackay & Steve O’Malley. Australia.
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
12.00pm – 1.00pmFind your voice: Using the Australian Journal of Community Work to creatively communicate your practice stories.
Facilitator: Associate Professor Vicki Banham, Edith Cowan University, member of the Australian Community Work Journal Editorial Advisory Board & IACD.
This session commences at 11.30am
Act like an organisation, think like a movement – the journey of Inspiring Communities
Megan Courtney
Inspiring Communities,
Aotearoa, New Zealand
1.00pm – 2.00pmLunch
 Concurrent Presentations
 Waterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
2.00pm Local people create provocative action for positive change: the development of the Upper Beaconsfield Bushfire & Biodiversity Tool
Caroline Spencer, Suzanne Cross & Frank Archer,
Monash University,  Australia
The past is so present: Understanding COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among African American adults using Qualitative data.
Wilson Majee,
University of Missouri, USA
Resilience towards singular person & collective community: A case study of indigenous community development in Taiwan Hsiang-i Teng, Tunghai University, Taiwan.
2.15pm Uncovering the gender-balance story in the Upper Beaconsfield Bushfire & Biodiversity Tool for residents living in a high-risk area Caroline Spencer, Suzanne Cross & Frank Archer,
Monash University,  Australia
Elevating the role of the community member as citizen scientist and agent of change: Learnings from a doorknocking project for mental health
Lisette Kaleveld & Emma Crane.
University of Western Australia
Real Estate & Community Development
Huston Gibson,
Kansas State University, USA.
2.30pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
2.45pm An act of nature: Challenging gendered community & cultural norms during & after disasters Rachael Mackay & Steve O’Malley, Gender & Disaster AustraliaBajau: Cultural & economic transformation experience
Marlon de Luna Era, Ph.D,
De La Salle University, Manila Philippines
Bringing to life the Central Land Council’s (CLC) Community Development framework strategies.
Emily Lapinski, Central Land Council & 2 governance group members, Australia
3.00pm Domestic violence in disaster – off the edge
Debra Parkinson,
Gender & Disaster Australia
Engaging community to co-create healthy hometowns
Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel & Marilyn Schlake
From the Edge to the Centre: Talking Story with Walbira and Shez
Shez Cairney & Wlabira Murray
Interplay Project
3.15pm Q & AQ & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    2.00pm – 3.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Insider reflections & dialogue on resilience & bush fire recovery in small rural communities
Dr Stuart Robertson & Dr Louise Morely, Australia
Being an ally or an accomplice? – getting clear: a sociodramatic exploration 
Cissy Rock,
Community Think,
Aotearoa, New Zealand
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
2.30pm – 3.30pmAt the Intersection of Leadership & Community Development: Best Practices for Building Local Leadership in Rural Communities
Dr. Hunter Goodman, University of Arkansas System, USA
Seed to Tree: The Journey with Country
Doyen Radcliffe, Tristan Mongoo & community, Australia
 In the Auditorium – Story Slam Hosted by Robin from Catalyse, Aotearoa, New Zealand & Darwin Story Slam
3.30pm – 4.00pmAfternoon Tea
 Concurrent Presentations
    4.00pmWaterfront 1Waterfront 2Waterfront 3
The Peoples Kitchen
Tracie Lund & Brooke Mawson, Morwell Neighbourhood House. Australia.
Reflexive tracks: When disaster affects the disaster researcher Anna MS Torres, LaTrobe University, AustraliaThe “Edge” work of CD practice in Local Government
Tim Burns, PJ Humphreys & Phil Simpson, Australia.
4.15pmBuilding food literacy – A Tasmanian community program approach Emma Rowell & Sarah Johns, Families Tasmania, Australia.Don McLeod – community development worker trained by life’s hardships
Jan Richardson, Charles Darwin University, Australia
‘Raisin in a box’: when the edge gets to the centre
Morris Beckford & Jacqueline St Kitts, Canada.
4.30pmBarriers & enablers to uptake of innovation for smallholder rice farmers in Timor-Leste
Acacio da Costa Guterres, Janine Joyce & Penny Wurm, Australia.
Microfinance & Household Poverty In South Africa: The Case Of Or Tambo Coastal District, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Lucius Botes & Wung Collins Akiy. South Africa
4.45pmQ & AQ & AQ & A
 Concurrent Workshops
    4.00pm-5.00pmMeeting Room 1Meeting Room 2
Contexts that connect:– mapping the initiatives we use to strengthen the discipline of community development within & across regions.
Anastasia Crickley, Chair of the All-Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education & Training, & Anna Clarke, Consultant with AIEB
Courage & Renewal for Community Development Workers involved in Disaster Recovery: Sustaining our work through reflective social practice.
Lou Mitchell & Noela Maletz, Australia
 Meeting Room 3Meeting Room 4
4.00pm-5.00pmClosing the Digital Divide to Create Connections & Promote Thriving Communities
Sreedhar Upendram, Ramona Madhosingh-Hector & Linda Seals, USA
Increasing the Practice & Policy Influence of Community Development
Anthony Kelly & Peter Westoby, Australia
 In the Auditorium  
5.00pm – 5.30pmClosing Plenary in the Auditorium  

Visual Arts Installations in the Market Place

Redefining the edgeShez Cairney and Walbira Murray
Living Arts InstallationPhi Theodoros, Natasha Sumner, Mark Timberlake
Aperture-shinning a light on CSE (visual art)Conrad Townson

Friday 23rd June – Practice Exchanges commence

Set in a tropical waterfront location in the Northern Territory, the Darwin Convention Centre has exceptional facilities in a central location. Photo: Tourism NT/Shaana McNaught.